Meet & Greet

A friendly meet & greet with our expert engineers to discuss your goals, challenges, technology stack, and workflow. We place a firm emphasis on client satisfaction, and we want to ensure that our collaboration with you is a pixel perfect fit.



Once we've learned more about your goals, work culture, and development needs, the true collaboration begins. Throughout the planning stage we will work with you to gain a deeper understanding of the product you want to build. Challenges will be addressed, clear lines of communication will be mapped, and work methodologies will be solidified.


Design & Develop

Throughout the design and development process we will maintain constant communication with your team to ensure that the product we build is exactly what you envisioned; line for line, pixel by pixel, function by function. Whether you have a code base that our engineers can elaborate on or if you want our engineers & desingers to build the product from ground zero, we will work with you to ensure satisfaction.

test enhance

Test & Enhance

Building beautiful and functional products can be quite challenging, which is why we absolutely spend the necessary time to test, refactor, and enhance. As a rocket wouldn't leave the launchpad unless every single bolt were in place, nor should your product be launched without full rounds of testing.



Once all of your needs have been met, and you are completely satisfied with the product, it is time to launch. We will make sure the code is clean & modular, the designs are to your specification, and the product functions perfectly. The culmination of weeks of work is your product going live!

About Us

Village88 techLabs a stealth innovation studio that is fully committed to enabling entrepreneurs to fulfill their product potential by creating breakthrough web technology. We're passionate about elevating the goals of our clients to the next level, as well as working together with our clients as one cohesive unit.

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